Dear Players,

First of all, please allow us to send to you, the true gamers of Dragon Oath 69 a deep apology.

Over the past few days, we were not able to manage and operate Dragon Oath smoothly and properly. We did not bring you a timely support and customer care team.

We hope you understand that that was never our intention. While we can not truly know how this feels to you, we can certainly understand that what we did was one of the worst things we could possibly have done to all of you.

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Right now Dragon Oath 69 will perform feedback and answer all questions as well as update the bug fixes, synchronize the features from Tian Long Ba Bu Tinh Kiem to Dragon Oath (what does not yet available as):

- Commander Board

- Golden Gem

- Baby Feature

- In-game Events

Only a few more days, the Vietnam traditional New Year 2019  will come, BIG UPDATE promises to be updated after the holiday. This update is also the gift we give to all Players, Please accept my sincere apology for those we did in those days.


In the immediate future, the new team will respond all suggestions via email and fanpage along with updating the following features and events.


Please follow us to update latest news.

Yours faithfully,

Dragon Oath team.


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