Dear Lovers of Dragon Oath,


To be or not to TLBB…

For some it’s the time for poems and love songs

But in the New Moon, enemies always swarm in throngs!

This February when Cupid takes aim,

Buff up, draw your weapon and do the same!

Knock him down hard with your class skills,

Even on Valentine’s Day TLBB players’ seek thrills!

This Pig Year, Love Junior [273;242] at Lou Yang seem busy at Valentine’s day. He will organize an sweet and happy event for lover. This special activity was named by the cupid: Sign of Love.

Banner Happy Valentine's Day

Like everything on the Earth, Rose is the flower symbolizes love and emotions difficult to describe by word. Giving roses to your opposite sex player , it’ll transmit your feeling to your lover.

And this February, when you’re done with Cupid – find time to put down your weapon and pickup a rose.

Valentine’s day will start from Feb 14 to Feb 15, 2019, use the roses onto the opposite sex player, you are not only can express emotions but also can discover the secrets of roses. You also receive a lot of extremely epic rewards like Pet and Rare mount (Not include in shop)





Bringing roses to the the opposite sex player one of four types of rose in Flower at Fireworks in Token shop, Giver flower will receive Lover's Knot and who was received flower will have a chance to get Lover's Jade, there are two secret treasures hidden in roses.



If you have 520 Lover's Knot and bring it to Love Junior, you will have a chance to get  Egg and mount depend on your level from level 5 to level 85.

Note: Giving each different species of roses, you will receive the number of different Lover's Knot as follow:

Give Lover 1 rose, you will receive 1 Lover's Knot


Give Lover 10 roses, you will receive 10 Lover's Knot


Give Lover 15 roses, you will receive 12 Lover's Knot


Give lover 999 roses, you will receive 400 Lover's Knot


Especially, if you bring more Lover's Jade to  Love Junior, you  will receive an exciting unique titles. Depending on the number of Lover's Jade, you can get different titles.


Lover's Jade

Title for Male

Title for Female


Charming Beauty

Flowery Beauty


Gallant Man

Surpassing Beauty


Handsome Man

Gorgeous Beauty

* Notice:

- Character only use the highest title in the same kind.

- Title of Valentine’s Day and Misty Peaks are in the same kind. So that when you use this title, other title will lost, please be careful to use.  

Process of receiving egg and title at Love Junior NPC will extend to February 15, 2019. After this time, if you still have Lover's Knot and Lover's Jade that you can teleport to Trader at city to exchange Bound Gold.

Happy Valentine’s day! Wish you have great moments, passionate, romantic next to your beloved in this Valentine.

Dragon Oath Team,


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